Learn how to self-inspect your inflatable lifejacket

Attend one of our free clinics to learn how to service and maintain your lifejacket, so you can stay safe on the water.

Inflatable lifejackets are easy to wear and comfortable but require proper maintenance to keep you afloat in an emergency.

If you own an inflatable lifejacket in Victoria, you should self-inspect it once a year and have it fully serviced by an accredited service agent in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications (generally every three to five years).

About the clinics

Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) team members will guide you through the process of inspecting your jacket, giving you the knowledge you need to complete your annual self-inspections.

Attendees will receive a $30 voucher from a local retailer to go towards a new lifejacket, lifejacket service kit, or other safety equipment as mandated by Victoria’s Marine Safety Regulations 2012.

Clinic dates

We'll add details including event times, and links to event registration, when available. Follow Maritime Safety Victoria on Facebook to see posts about event launches.

Be sure to bring your inflatable jacket with you, or you may not be able to take part.

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Floatsafe clinic, followed by a flare demonstration

Anderson Inlet Angling Club

88 the Esplanade, Inverloch

Saturday, 16 July 2022
11am - register now

Terms and conditions

  1. Please arrive five to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of your event and present to the registration desk.
  2. Non-attendance, or late attendance will nullify your eligibility for the voucher used to promote the event.
  3. You may be refused entry if you do not bring an inflatable lifejacket with you.
  4. No children allowed in the event area.
  5. No pets allowed in the event area.
  6. No smoking, alcohol or food permitted in the event area.
  7. Vouchers are valid for 30 days following the event.
  8. Vouchers can only be used for lifejackets, lifejacket components, other safety equipment mandated by Victoria’s Marine Safety Regulations 2012, distress beacon (EPIRB/PLB) or CO detector.
  9. MSV reserves the right to refuse to admit and/or to issue vouchers to anyone who does not actively participate in the clinic or behaves inappropriately towards other participants or staff.
  10. Limit of one voucher per attendee.
  11. Should the clinic be cancelled due to severe weather, participants will be notified by email. No vouchers will be issued to ticket holders should the event be cancelled.